A message from GiftedNYS

We stand in solidarity to end structural inequality.

The pain and unrest our nation has experienced in recent days has shone a bright light on the fact that there are many issues that must be addressed in our society before all are treated with the dignity and humanity that we each, as human beings, deserve.

We acknowledge that the work ahead to accomplish this enviable vision is complex and multi-faceted. A single, but important, facet is equitable access to gifted education.

Quality gifted education is an opportunity afforded to a relatively small segment of students in our state. The statistics highlight unacceptable racial inequality that must be resolved.

We must provide all students with the tools, support, and opportunities they need to reach their fullest potential, find their voice, and change our world for the better. This cannot happen as long as structural inequality persists.

GiftedNYS is committed to being part of the solution. The heart of our mission is inclusive gifted education for all of New York’s students who need it. The ability to achieve this mission is dependent on the strength of diverse voices, coming together to eliminate long-standing inequities and bring about positive change.

We are a young and developing organization. We encourage and welcome all who seek to make their voices heard to join us in pursuit of inclusive and equitable gifted education for New York State.

Together we can do so much. | GiftedNYS