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It only takes a moment to help others.


If you are like us, you have been thinking about the students around our state and across the nation with care and compassion. And like many of us, we are sure that you have been concerned over the impact of recent events on our children and their education.

New York State is one of only 8 states that does not mandate identification or services nor provides any state funding for gifted education. Students are relying on you to speak out. Help us to serve and support our community - now and for years to come - by giving to GiftedNYS' end-of-the-year campaign.

Whether you give $25, 50, $125, or more, what’s important is that you make a gift that is significant for you. Please make a donation in support of our work to:
  • To build awareness and understanding of what it means to be gifted or twice-exceptional
  • To promote federal, statewide, and local policies and initiatives that support and protect these underrepresented children in our schools
  • To create a community for gifted and twice-exceptional children and their families
Let’s work together to bring quality, inclusive gifted education to all of New York State.
Our best wishes and happiness to you and your families as we look forward to 2022.

Elissa Brown, Co-President
Amanda Christy, Co-President, Treasurer

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    About Us:

    Gifted New York State, Inc. (GiftedNYS), is a not-for-profit organization of parents, educators, and professionals who have come together to support the needs of New York’s gifted and twice-exceptional (2E) student population and their families.​

    Gifted New York State, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Therefore, your generous donation to our end of year campaign is tax deductible. Our EIN number is 85-0659400.
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