Happy New Year!

We hope that you and yours had a healthy and happy holiday season.

As we look ahead to the possibilities this new year holds, we also reflect on the past. 2020 was certainly a year of unpredictability. When the idea of Gifted New York State (GiftedNYS) was hatched, we could not have imagined the context within which we would attempt to launch a new organization. A global pandemic. Unprecedented demands on families and educators. Personal challenges and losses. Polarizing politics. A historic social justice movement. In the middle of it all, a core group of dedicated individuals came together to create a path forward for supporting gifted children, their families, and their educators. Gifted New York State launched in May 2020 because that's what we do. As parents, as educators, as changemakers - we keep moving forward.

We're energized by all that was accomplished in our inaugural year and hope that you are too! This work requires a team effort and we are grateful to all in the GiftedNYS community that helped make our first year a success. With member and volunteer support we obtained 501(c)(3) status, developed and distributed our first position paper, Improve and Transform New York's Gifted Education, hosted a legislative advocacy workshop, held a panel discussion on home education during COVID-19, hosted our first Author Talk, and laid the groundwork for a healthy, sustainable organization able to respond to the needs of its community.

In 2021, we will continue building our membership to strengthen our collective voice for the broad and diverse gifted education needs that span our state. Through our Call for Leaders and Changemakers campaign, we aim to further develop the GiftedNYS leadership team and launch several committees, each of which are critical to inspiring our membership and orchestrating the work of our mission. With this infrastructure in place we will work to develop relationships with legislators as we look toward our ultimate goal of equitable, quality, gifted programming and services in every New York State school district.

With the difficulties we have faced and continue to face locally, nationally, and globally, we believe that our work here at GiftedNYS is as critical as ever and our mission just as relevant, with increasingly more at stake. Regardless of sex, race, creed, or ability, all students with gifted learning needs have the right to an education that will foster their creativity, develop their talents, and meet their social and emotional needs. We look forward to making this happen together.

Amanda & Maggie

Save the Date! Members' Social

We invite members to join us for a virtual social gathering on
Monday, January 25th at 7pm.

Take the opportunity to meet fellow members of GiftedNYS across the state and maybe even more locally in your own neck of the woods! Let's get to know each other and learn about efforts and initiatives happening in various regions of the state. Also learn about how you can bring your talents and skills to the leadership team of GiftedNYS this year.

Keep an eye out for additional details in your email and the on the members' discussion group.
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Call for Leaders and Changemakers

You Make the Difference!
We need your talents and voice to bring equitable and quality gifted education to New York State. Click to learn more about how to get involved.

Call for Leaders and Changemakers


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